Psychic medium Barbara

 With great pleasure, I am proud to present my book: 

"My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories.

Plus, Exercises and Meditations To Expand and Deepen Your Awareness."

Language: ‎ English.

Paperback: ‎ 251 pages.

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Some of the topics:

How did I discover my psychic abilities?

How do psychic readings differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

What advice do I have for people who are skeptical about psychic abilities?


How can someone develop their own psychic abilities?

I explain the concept of the sixth sense and how it relates to psychic abilities.

What are some common misconceptions about psychics and psychic readings?

How do you protect yourself energetically while performing psychic readings?

What is the significance of meditation in developing psychic abilities?

Can anyone learn to be a psychic, or is it something you are born with?

How do I approach giving a psychic reading to someone who is experiencing grief or loss?

What are some common themes or patterns I have noticed in my psychic readings?

How can someone use their psychic abilities to improve their daily life and relationships?


Listen to the Past Lives Podcast with Simon Bown. I had a lovely time with him, talking about my book:

5-Star Review by Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories by Barbara Bandel is a non-fiction memoir and guide in which Bandel shares her experiences as a psychic medium. The book includes exercises and meditations to expand and deepen your awareness. Bandel begins with a brief introduction covering the backstory, her spirit guide, and her work. She then transitions into a wide range of her experiences, from communicating with the deceased son of a dear friend who had taken his own life to her first encounters with photographs that trigger sight and intense energy at the age of seven. This is followed by a transcendental journey while under an anesthetic for surgery that put Bandel in touch with the family of the nurse holding her hand.

As someone who is not a psychic medium but is fascinated by the gift, My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories intrigued me from the beginning. This is usually where the appeal ends because there is a massive difference between talking about experiences and writing about them in an engrossing way. Barbara Bandel is not only a psychic with some incredible stories to share, but she is also a talented author who can convey her experiences engagingly. I loved the meditation techniques but admit that I have not yet dared to try them. When I am ready, Bandel's guidance is where I will start. This is a beautiful tribute to all those Bandel has made contact with and for, and a wonderful piece of literature for those of us who want to read, listen and absorb. Highly recommended

5- Star Review by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite:

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories by
psychic medium Barbara Bandel is a non-fiction supernatural
account that focuses on the author’s spiritual experiences. The
book discusses topics like Seven, the Inconvenient Truth, We Create
Our Own Reality, Karma, and Build a Life that Reflects your Soul. It
also contains exercises and meditations to expand and deepen our
awareness revealed to the author by her spirit guides. These
explain why we are here on earth and teach us how to connect with
our soul group and future self. As a psychic medium who has been
in practice for 25 years, Bandel reveals her thought-provoking
personal stories and unforgettable readings in a book filled with
practical guidance, words of wisdom, and personal anecdotes.

Barbara Bandel’s My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and
Personal Stories is an enlightening guidebook for the soul. It is
designed to open the hearts and minds of readers to their souls’
primary goal on earth which is to learn, grow, and expand their
consciousness. Easy to read, I found the author’s personal stories
informative and entertaining. Drawing from the wisdom of her
spiritual guides, this is essentially a book about the meaning of life,
suitable for anyone looking for ways to nourish their body and soul
so that they can go on a journey of spiritual discovery and connect
with their spiritual side. Ultimately, this book will enrich readers’
lives in subtle but substantial ways.

5-Star Review by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite:

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories is a work of non-fiction in the spiritual and memoir subgenres. It is suitable for the general reading audience and was penned by author Barbara Bandel. As the title suggests, this is a fascinating insight into the life of the spiritually gifted author who works alongside spirit guides to help others in need of mediumship. The work contains many interesting stories about how Bandel discovered her gifts early on in life, and it also offers a practical series of exercises and meditations to help others deepen their awareness of the spiritual world that surrounds them.

Switching off from the bustle of the modern world can be a very difficult thing indeed when we’re facing constant stimulation from the media and stress from many sources. Books like these help you to remember that love, peace, and harmony should be at the core of what we strive for every day. I loved all the different aspects of author Barbara Bandel’s work, from her perspective on spiritualism, life, death, love, and trust that she offers, through well-penned anecdotes and her gentle, friendly narration, to the well-organized advice she offers as a mentor to anyone seeking more opportunities for meditation and rumination on their extrasensory perceptions. Fans of mediumship are sure to enjoy the variety of her stories and experiences, but what impressed me very deeply was the genuine desire to help and comfort others. Overall, I found My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories to be a highly engaging, motivational, and enriching read, and I would highly recommend it.

5-Star Review by Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories by Barbara Bandel will appeal to a diverse audience of young adults and adults with an interest in psychics, spirits, and personal awareness. The author shares her experiences related to spirits and people who have come to her for a reading and her methods for expanding personal awareness through mediation. Are you ready to share the author’s interactions with spirits like a 9/11 firefighter looking to pass on messages to his family and to learn how to deepen your understanding of yourself in terms of your purpose on Earth?

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories by Barbara Bandel was well-written and it is the first book I have ever read about a real-life psychic. It helped me to understand what a psychic does and the profound experiences they can have from their contact with spirits. Whilst I enjoyed reading about the different spirits, it was the 9/11 firefighter spirit that really touched me the most; like the author, I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the awful event took place.

In addition to finding the author’s encounters interesting, I also found her lessons on mediation to be both informative and understandable. I have tried mediation before without much success, but I felt the author was able to give me a much better grounding on mediation than I have ever had before and this awakened a desire in me to try it again. Overall, I found this book to be a worthwhile read that left me hoping the author will write another book, sharing more of her history with spirits.

5-Star Review by Courtnee Turner Hoyle for Readers’ Favorite

My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories by Barbara Bandel describes her most intriguing and impactful experiences as a psychic. The author writes about her clients, while maintaining their privacy, and discusses the shared spiritual experiences that transpired. Along with her spirit guide who she refers to as “Ben”, Bandel provides insight, as well as exercises for the reader to follow.

Anyone who has lost someone dear to them would benefit from reading this book. Even pet owners could gain peace after their beloved pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, as Barbara Bandel describes her interaction with deceased humans and animals. Many grieving persons could find comfort in her narrative in which she points out signs that a loved one is near. Many individuals did not recognize these signs or symbols, but they now understand that their treasured friends and family are still around them.

The theme of the book is peace and inner understanding, and that resonates in every word. The stories will appeal to readers who embrace the spiritual realm. The author and “Ben” guide readers through a series of exercises than can help expand their awareness. Bandel’s words will remain with the reader long after the book is finished and may inspire them to search for a deeper understanding of themselves. My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories would be a suitable gift for anyone who has lost somebody dear to them, for as long as the reader has an open mind the stories in the book will provide comfort.